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Manheim Chiropractic Care | Our Techniques

Dr. Mary Jane Horton adjusting

Dr. Mary Jane Horton is here to help!

Dr. Mary Jane uses a variety of different techniques and instruments to provide you with effective, comfortable chiropractic care. You’ll be seen at each visit in a private room of your own.

These instrument-based adjusting techniques are low force, high-speed techniques that are gentle, safe and specific.

Koren Specific Technique (KST)

This is a hand-held instrument adjusting system for the body. It is low force with high repetition or vibration. Dr. Mary Jane will utilize this instrument to conduct extremity adjusting. Read more»

Activator Method

The Activator is a hand-held adjusting instrument that helps with patients with low-force manipulation. Read more»

Torque Release

With a gentle touch and a light thrusting by hand or an instrument called an Integrator, the brain/body connection is enhanced. Read more»

Each of these techniques is gentle and non-invasive. We’ll explain them to you and let you feel how the instrument performs on your hand before we begin your adjustment.

Is This Your First Time Being Adjusted?

Are you concerned about being adjusted? Do you have questions? Our methods are very gentle and non-invasive. We’re also ready to answer any of your questions pertaining to our techniques and how we can help you be comfortable. We’ll let you feel the force of our instruments on your hands so you know exactly what to expect.

To find out if our chiropractic techniques can help you, make an appointment with Dr. Mary Jane. (717) 664-3334