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Manheim Residents Love Horton Chiropractic

My Experience is Very Successful

My experience with this new way of manipulation was very successful. The knots and stiffness were relieved in my neck and shoulders. I still have some soreness, but hopefully my next visit will relieve even more. Thank you!

- Vivian Y

Noticed Improvement

I noticed improvement almost immediately. I only wish I had listened to my friends and done this a long time ago!

- Catherine Z

This Was So Much Better

Dr. MaryJane was Pleasant.Confident,Knowledgeable and Friendly.Explanations were clear and concise.Haven’t been to a Chiropractor in about 40 years and was not looking forward to it. The experience was very hopeful and I will be returning and not what I expected…This was so much better..!!

- Mary H

Helpful Information!

I would like to compliment Dr. Horton on how nice she is and also giving me very helpful information on the problem I was seen for. Thank you so much! I’m very glad I went with her and will see her again in the future.

- John L

Above And Beyond!

My intent, as a walk in, was to schedule an appointment in the near future for shoulder discomfort. I was offered the opportunity to meet with Dr Horton and receive a treatment immediately. I left with some relief from my discomfort, extreme gratitude for the time given to me, and much encouragement in the help that Dr Horton will provide with future visits. They truly cared above and beyond!

- Beth R

Dr. Mary Jane is awesome!

I started going to Dr. Mary Jane Horton back in 2002. I’m a 60 year old avid golfer and spin instructor and Dr. Mary Jane has helped make my adjustments stick and therefore reach the long term goal of keeping my body in good alignment. Very rarely do you see a Chiropractor as devoted to long term healing vs. short term adjustments.

Recently I experienced significant pain in my lower back, and I was able to get into see Dr. Mary Jane that same day. She works with the activator method which quickly eliminated the pain. She helped me to correct lingering problems and bring my body back up to its fullest capabilities. The staff is professional and very hospitable. Dr. Mary Jane and her staff are interested in me as an individual. I definitely recommend this provider and their services to anyone who needs legitimate chiropractic care.

Aside from an awesome Chiropractor, she is a good woman who seems genuinely concerned that I actually get better, not just keeping me coming back for more. Their office is a very comfortable set up, casual, friendly but not intrusive and just all around a positive place to be.

- Debby P

I don’t know where I would be without Dr. Horton

I have been a chiropractic patient since I was 15 yrs. old. I now am 74 years old. Dr Mary Jane Horton has been my chiropractor for 20 some years. Dr. Horton sees me every month for maintenance check ups now. I did have a lot of low back, hip, shoulder and neck problems which are now gone because of getting chiropractic adjustments. I am not taking any medications, just herbs and some supplements . Pain pills and muscle relaxants can mask the true problems. CHIROPRACTIC adjustments can be the way to a healthier body.

I don’t know where I would be today with out Dr. Horton care, she has relieved so many muscle spasms, misplaced vertebrae’s and discomforts for me. I still can get spinal problems due to everyday living but Dr Horton’s adjustments help the whole body. Chiropractic is painless and so very beneficial to our bodies. I recommend every one should have a spinal assessment. Chiropractic adjustments helps built up our immunity which helps us from getting sick. When our body is in correct alignment it doesn’t have to fight to correct it. I am a true believer that chiropractic adjustments should be on the top of everyone’s list for good health.

- Pat Z

I’ve recommended Dr. Horton to a lot of my family and friends!

The first time I visited Dr. Horton’s office was in 2005. I had severe hip pain from an old volleyball injury. I also had pain in my right leg that I thought was sciatica. I don’t remember telling Dr Horton about my leg pain because I was mostly concerned about my hips but after a few visits my leg pain was gone!

I returned to Dr Horton in March 2014 with sciatica in my left buttock. I suffered with his pain for three months before deciding to do something about it. After two visits, the pain disappeared! Amazing!! I’ve learned my lesson – when in doubt, visit Dr. Horton!!

I like Dr. Horton’s technique – no twisting, jerking or manipulating involved. I’m in and out of the office in 15 minutes. It’s very relaxed and everyone is so pleasant. My visits are very enjoyable!! I’ve recommended Dr. Horton to a lot of my family and friends!

- Diane K

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