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What to Expect at Horton Chiropractic

At Horton Chiropractic, we only use gentle instrument adjusting techniques. If you come expecting Dr. Mary Jane to manually manipulate your spine, you may be surprised. Here’s what you can expect on your visits.

Where Do We Begin?

When you arrive for your first visit you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly team members. We’d like you to wear some comfortable clothes for your exam.

Below is and explanation of our new patient process. After reading this, if you still have questions about what to expect give us a call today. (717) 664-3334

Paperwork: Be sure to leave yourself enough time before your appointment to complete the necessary paperwork.

Consultation: During your consultation, Dr. Mary Jane will talk with you about your medical history, current condition, past treatment and your health goals. Now is a good time to ask any questions you have.

Examination: The physical examination will help us identify the source of pain and the cause of your problem. If Dr. Mary Jane determines you need X-rays, she will refer you the nearest facility.

Report of Findings: We’ll explain what we found during your and how we think we can help. We’ll discuss a treatment plan with you.

Adjustment: You’ll receive your first adjustment after you understand exactly how chiropractic will help.

Your first visit usually lasts from 30 to 45 minutes.

Regular Visits

Typical visits last 10 minutes or less. Allow a little extra time on your second visit to ask any questions you may have about your first visit or your treatment plan.

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Make an appointment with Dr. Mary Jane today so you can benefit from chiropractic care! (717) 664-3334